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BEST Custom Handwriting worksheet maker, printing and

Cursive Handwriting (excellent practice worksheets for each

letter Upper and Lower case)

Daily Handwriting Practice book (pdf)

Kindergarten (downloadable PDF)Grade One Printing (downloadable PDF)Fluent Printing (downloadable PDF)Directed Cursive (downloadable PDF)Advanced Cursive (downloadable PDF)

Guide to Grammar & Writing -- Lots of good instruction/ppts/resources for teaching grammar and writing

The HOW-TOs of Composition...

Graphic Organizers for Writing

Elements of Good Writing:

Great Beginnings

How to Write a Good Hook
Attention Grabbers
YOU TUBE-How to Write a Hook
Writing a Good Essay (many links to specific types of essays, and tips to how to make them great)
Graphic Organizers for Writing
Transition Words/Phrases
The Analytical Essay (How-To)
The Argumentative Essay (How To)